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Approved Merchants

Over the years, Wolfe Argent has had the pleasure of dealing with purveyors of medieval wares. The core membership of Wolfe Argent has experienced many trials, tribulations, and errors with kit. In order to save new members from the grief of spending money on an item that may not pass muster, we've compiled this list of makers of clothing, armour, and miscellany.

The approved merchants make products that meet or exceed our minimum kit standards. The list of merchants that appear in this section are currently the only merchandisers that have been approved by the Authenticity and Wardrobe officers.

Members wishing to purchase kit and encampment items from a merchant that does not appear on this list must get approval from the aforementioned officers. Anything not approved will not be allowed at encampments or during presentations.

Merchant Inquiry



Jorge Kelman
Jorge is a very gifted artist. He has created numerous works for us, including the silk pencel with gilding that the Chef de Chambre commissioned for his armet. Jorge also does block printing, calligraphy (letters, commissions, and house books).


The Burgundian Connection

Clothing & Fabrics

Annie the Peddler
Points, aguilettes, handmade pins, belts, Medieval jewelry, turned bowls and containers, properly shaped wooden spoons, games, historical childrens toys, willow baskets, etc.

Gina Barret Silkworks
Hand woven wide silk belts for Middle class women portrayals, also upper class males. Silk purses, tassels, knopes, embroidery, cords for paternosters, etc. Absolutely stunning work and a great person to work with.

Kat's Hats
Beautiful, custom made hats. Each one a work of art and not like everyone elses. Kat works with you to make a medieval hat to your tastes and in your colors. Beautiful hennins. Note: Kat has a very busy schedule, so if you have a hat in mind, contact her and get into her booking diary. Her diary fills up fast, so she's probably already into the following year.

Historic Enterprises
Men & Women's clothing, custom clothing, hats, hoods, belts, turnshoes, boots, general kit. See also arms & armour.

Matuls:Medieval Clothing and Equipment
http://www.matuls.pl/index.php?IDP=1&Lng=1 (English web page)
Offers high quality, historically accurate clothing and equipment for the medieval re-enactor. Products range from clothing to tents to camp furniture (Some is pickup only so read the site carefully.) Highly recommend their jacks.

Medieval Design
Men & Women's clothing. Some of the clothing is specific to medieval Italy, so be sure to check with the Chef de Chambre before ordering to make sure that the objects that you select are appropriate for medieval Burgundy. Also general goods, belts, etc. Note: Great company to work with; great products.

Lovely historic fabrics and more.

Reconstructing History
Basic Doublet and hose patterns, basic 15th century womens' dress patterns Also fabric, hemp rope, etc.

Ninya Mikhalia
Recommended by the Company of St. George.

Plantagenet Shoes
Good quality turnshoes and ankle boots, knee-high to thigh-high, and pouches.


Thaden Armory
Currently not taking any commissions. Raised and welded helmets, Complete harness, splints, jack chains, armour buckles. Also various buckles, custom knives, swords, weapons,hinges, locks, any general smithing.. High carbon to mild steel, and even iron armour. One of the best.

Historic Enterprises
Complete harness to helmets, splints, and odds and ends. Also knives and general metalwork Excellent reproduction arquebus.

Robert Macphereson
Currently not accepting commissions due to an occupational injury. Arguably the best in the world. Complete harnesses to cranequins. High carbon steel armour or mild.

Munition helmets, splints, gauntlets.

Arma Bohemia
Munition helmets and gauntlets. Also arquebuses, an acceptable crossbow, swords daggers, pollarms,, and reasonably priced accurate scabbards

White Rose Apparel
The only current commercially available brigandies that meet company approval. You can spend 250+ hours making one to one of our patterns, or you can buy from these people. Decent stuff. $900-$1400 range, and anyone who has made one will tell you that is cheap for the work involved.


John Buck
John builds historic firearms of the black powder eras. From matchlocks to wheellocks to snaphaunces, as well as flintlocks and caplocks.

Swords and Daggers

Armour Class
Excellent middle range of cost swords, reenactment blunts, and unsharpened sharps, $280 - $450 range. They make excellent archers falchions, and can modify their designs or customize weapons.

Expensive but superb swords designed by Peter Johnson. Also very expense (more than the swords in some cases) historical scabbards.

Arma Bohemia (see above)

Arms & Armour
Middling range swords, quality similar to Del Tin, with some nice details.. Scabbards unacceptable. Great pollaxe, bill, guisarms and boar spears.

Christian Fletcher
Middle price range, to high price swords, great quality. His historical scabbards meet our standards. Antrim swords middle range, seek customized grips and historical scabbard.

Del Tin
Solid quality blades - see 15th century swords, make a number of single-hand, bastard swords, and a great archer falchion, also earlier falchions. Make a good ballock dagger and rondel as well.. Middle costs.

Some nice single hand swords, daggers (they have some good rondels, but only 1 good ballock - ask the chef de chambre before ordering to get the correct one). Good halberds, bills, glaives, and maces, axes.. Middle range of price. Scabbards need replacing.

Museum Replicas
BE VERY CAUTIOUS. ORDER NOTHING from this source without approval. A few acceptable, inexpensive swords and daggers, spear heads, and the occasional poll-weapon. ABSOLUTELY NONE of the clothing and shoes and shields are acceptable. A few select pieces of munition armour are acceptable - ASK FIRST BEFORE ORDERING ANYTHING FROM THIS SOURCE.

St. George's Armoury
Maker of Swords, daggers and cutlery. Also makes custom armour .He is recommended as a cutler/swordsmith by the Company of St. George.

Tod's Stuff
Archers falchions, great ballock and rondel daggers, great knives and axes of all sorts, a lead archers mallot, a boallock and rondel dagger do-it-yorself kit. Custom daggers of high quality and fine m,aterials. Good Historical scabbards at a decet cost (around the Christian Fletcher price-range. Also horn inkwells, scribes penners, quill knives silverpoint pencils, 15th century mirrors, a great place to get everything except clothing and metal armour.

Bows & Arrows

Ancient Archery
Specify Medieval D-stave, horn nocks. Orange-osage & hickory acceptable wood substitutes.

Hector Cole, Arrowsmith
Makes the arrowheads carried by Richard head. Makes blades and axe heads as well.

Jardslaw Belza, Arrowsmith
Highly recommended by the Company of St. George.

New World Arbalast
The Ulrich V bow is the only one that really meets our standard.

Pacific Yew
Maker of Yew and yew-substitue longbows. You must specify a historic medieval D-stave, without grips of any sort and horn nocks. This is where Richard Head gets his bows/staves from.

Richard Head
UK manufacturer of bows. Again, specify Medieval D-stave, no grips, horn nocks.

Ironwork; Buckles, castings, and pewter.

Billy and Charlie's
Belt buckles, fittings, household objects, pilgrims and carnival badges. One of the best suppliers. Keep in mind pewter buckles are for light use, and brass/bronze, iron ones are best for sword belts or anything seeing rough use.

Christian Pohen
Used by 1476

Fungi Forge
Email Clay | Gallery of works
Wrought iron work for all of your medieval needs: straps and handles for boxes, candle sticks (collapsible), paper clips, and much more.

Gaulker Medieval Wares
Buckles, rings, spoons, cast from original examples. Willing to undertake custom work, and makes very nice civilian belts additionally.

HR Replikate
Great buckles and strap ends in brass and silver, scabbard chapes, pendants, rings, coins, etc.

Lionheart Replicas
Highly recommended by the Company of St. George. Buckles, spoons, other household goods, pilgrims and secular badges, etc.

Steve Millingham Pewter Replicas
Badges, spoons, needle cases, mirror cases.

Raymond's quite press
Very nice buckles and fittings in brass/bronze

White Rose Castings
Sturdy buckles copied from originals

Mess kit and household objects

Billy and Charlie's (See above)

Jeff Brown Pottery
Custom pottery. We did the research for the Medieval stoneware that is currently sold on his site. Jeff is a pleasure to work with and makes a very solid and beautiful product.

Historic Enterprises (See above)

Medieval Designs (See above)

Hand turned containers and furniture

Phil Qualington
Leather pouches, bottles & containers, as well as coffers

Robin Wood
Pole-lathe turned bowls, plates, even costrels, 100% correct. The best source for wooden wares.

Tents and things for the encampment

Historic tents right in our own backyard. Located in North Conway NH, these folks make some of the best historic tents around. The only tents that are correct for our portrayal are the Small and Medium Medieval Double Bell Wedge, and for tournmant, the medieval pavillion. No awnings. They also offer a variety of turned finials and trims.

Past Tents UK (accept no subsitutes)
John Waters is a great person to deal with if you're looking for a Burgundian style tent or a small double bell wedge (called a campaign tent -scroll to the bottom of the page). It's where we bought ours.

Panther Primitives
Another US tent company. Very popular with a lot of historic re-enactors. Again, French double bell wedge; no awnings

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