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Each year, the Company of the Wolfe Argent puts together a certain number of field events and drills. In order to obtain a more historic feel, this sometimes involves renting a property or paying a fee for usage. Wolfe Argent often performs martial training on foot and horseback with "live steel" in order to better understand the technology and tactics of the past. This can be an inherently dangerous past time. More and more, site owners and even homeowners are requiring proof of insurance and a third party waiver before allowing such events on their property.

In January 2007, at the Company of the Wolfe Argent AGM, it was unanimously decided, that the group needed to implement a membership fee to help cover the price of insurance, fund company projects, and to a more limited extent, off set the fuel costs of group trips to re-enactment events.

Membership Levels and Fees per annum

Full Member ($40 per annum)

  • Voting privileges
  • No activity fees for WA events
  • Can hold a field rank
  • Can be appointed to the board
Family Member ($60)
  • One full membership + half for another adult covers a couple and any minor children,
  • Couple has voting privileges, children do not.
  • No activity fees
  • Can hold a field rank
  • Can be appointed to the board
Associate Member ($20)
  • Non-voting member
  • Activity fees to be paid as required
Member Emeritus (honorary given by the Board)
  • Non-voting, honorary membership
  • Awarded to non-members who have a special relationship to the company
  • No activity fees
Membership runs from January 1 – December 31. Membership dues are to be paid annually by January 15.

Membership Requirements

Full members are required to have the complete soft kit and mess kit for their chosen portrayal within twelve months of joining the Company of the Wolfe Argent. This is the most important aspect of any portrayal and members wishing to participate in field events and presentations must have their soft kit. We have a list of juried merchants for members who are interested in purchasing their kit.

Soft kit for men
  • white linen braies/15th century style briefs
  • white linen shirt of 15th century style
  • hosen: joined / split or joined for lower classes
  • shoes
  • doublet
  • over gown (aka the third layer) there are exceptions to this rule
  • points
  • hat
  • belt
  • belt purse
  • dagger
  • Soft kit for Women
    • stockings
    • garters either tie or buckle
    • braies (optional)
    • shoes
    • chemise
    • gown
    • overgown
    • belt
    • purse (optional)
    • belt knife
    • head covering: wimple and veil, turban, or Flemish Hood

    All items of kit must be approved by the Chef de Chambre. Items purchased and found to be modern or a-historical, will not be allowed. If there are any doubts as to the appropriateness of a piece of kit, please ask before purchasing.

    Minimum requirements for military portrayals

    The minimum requirements for military portrayals are in addition to the soft kit requirements listed above. Members must acquire at least two pieces of armour within a year of membership. The Board understands that acquiring armour takes time and will accept an order of armour for a portrayal as proof of commitment and fulfillment of the membership requirement. You will also need a blanket and a mess kit (see below). As mentioned in the membership requirements, members will need a mess kit. This kit should contain the following items, especially if you plan to participate in field events.

  • blanket(s) gray wool (olive drab is not acceptable)
  • costrel (a medieval canteen)
  • cup/mug
  • bowl
  • spoon
  • knife. This can be the dagger/belt knife or a separate knife specifically for eating.
  • Loaner Equipment

    For new members or interested parties who might be thinking of joining the Company of the Wolfe Argent and would like to participate in an event before joining, we have a limited amount of loaner equipment. Members, who have their soft or hard kit on order, or are in the process of making their own kit, may borrow from the loaner equipment if they want to participate in an event. This ranges from soft kit (doublets, dresses, hosen, arms (swords halberds), and armour (helmets). This equipment is loaned out for events only and must be returned to the company wardrobe officer at the end of the event.

    Meetings, Presentations, and Events

    Company of the Wolfe Argent Annual General Meeting (AGM)

    This meeting occurs annually in February, usually the third weekend of the month. At this time new members who joined the previous year in a military portrayal may move out of the Pike draft of Mons and into other lances of Wolfe Argent. Old business is concluded, new business is introduced, and any outstanding fees are collected. Projects and Events that we'd like to participate in as a group are discussed and voted upon. All Wolfe Argent Board Officers are expected to attend or have selected a proxy for voting. NCOs should make every attempt to be present. Associate members are encouraged to attend especially if they have concerns or ideas that they'd like to put forward for consideration.

    Drill and Grills:

    The purpose of the Drill & Grills is to get the membership together at least once a month to practice historical western martial arts, practice historical drills as a lance per the Ordonnances of Charles the Bold, and to work on group or personal projects. The Drills are followed by a diner and group meeting. The Company Founders usually host this meeting and provide the main dish. Members are encouraged to bring food or drinks for a pot luck. We usually prepare medieval recipes to expose members to the taste experience. Drill and Grills are at personal expense, funds for food do not come out of the company funds.

    Higgins Armory & Museum Presentations:

    Since September of 1998, Wolfe Argent has and continues to be the flagship historical interpretation group at the Higgins Armory & Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts. We currently have three presentations that are performed based on member availability: The Arming of a Medieval Knight; The Medieval Soldier; and the Pike Drill Demonstration. All members are encouraged to make these presentations.

    This is a monthly presentation that occurs the FIRST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH. Check the Event schedule for dates and cancellations.

    Field Events:

    Field events are encampment events. The group sets up and "camps" out for a weekend. The goal of these events is the "immersion" experience during which the membership is in historical persona for the entire event period. We perform drilling, weapons practice, marching, tacticals, cooking, and other activities that would have been performed by our historical counterparts. These events are sometimes open to the public which is why insurance is required. A few examples of field events that we've participated in:

  • Bates Farm, California, 1998
  • Michalmas (aka Paston Palooza), 2003
  • Wolfe Argent's Retreat to Calais, Hardwick, MA, 2004
  • Mont Saint Anne, Montreal Canada, 2005
  • Orchard March, Lyndeboro, NH, 2007
  • Miracles in Motion Medieval Faire, Keene NH, 2007
  • New Hampshire Renaissance Faire, Kingston NH, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Field Trips

    Field Trips are a sub-group of Meetings. As a group we may decide to visit a museum or other event. For example, in 2005, several group members visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. We spent a day at the Cloisters and a day at the museum proper.

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